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One among the financial pillars on the planet, London is also among the most sough-after destinations of the world. The British capital is all engrossed with unique captivation and pulsating magnetism. The economic leader of Europe was supposed to be the largest capital once. The city calls for an unusual bewilderment. Set on the shore … Continue reading “The London Travel”

One among the financial pillars on the planet, London is also among the most sough-after destinations of the world. The British capital is all engrossed with unique captivation and pulsating magnetism.

The economic leader of Europe was supposed to be the largest capital once. The city calls for an unusual bewilderment. Set on the shore of River Thames, the city offers attraction for people of every age. It is an astonishing blend of cultures, which boasts more than two hundred lingual diversities. Drawing double Decker buses, magnificent sides of Thames and measureless greenery, London is crammed with tourism attractions. The city is not exactly about serene beaches, secluded island or snowy cliffs, which are supposed to be the best tourist alluring places but London still draws millions of spectators throughout the year from all around the globe.

  • Checkout what lures voyagers to London – Buckingham Palace – Royal court of a dynasty that is supposed to be among the most powerful rulers ever, Buckingham place is the dwelling of royal family of Britain.
  • Madame Tussauds Gallery – While on a trip to London, a tour to this unusual museum is must watch… Tussauds gallery is famous for its wax statues of numerous famed names from all around the globe.
  • London Wetlands Centers – The lush patch on London metropolis; the area is maintained by London Wetlands Trust and covers more than 43 hectares and supposed to be one of the largest wildlife abode in entire European continent. If you are making a plan of London Travel, you should surely include this vibrant area in your list.
  • Tower Bridge- among the most south after destinations in London, Tower Bridge is more than hundred years old. The bridge has twin drawbridges or bascules, which are of more then 1000 tons each. The striking bridge of London is visited by almost every expeditor, who comes to London to gawk on its enchantment.

Accommodation- there is plenty of hotels in London. Many of them are more than hundred years old but if you are looking for a best London hotel, you need to do an extensive research on it. You must need to choose the exact hotel location, an appropriate deal and a hotel that is meeting all your requirements. London hotels are located in almost every area that is supposed to be a tourism attraction in the city.

London is all enchanting. If you too are planning a trip to London – the scenic European metropolis – checkout internet for best deals available. To plan a London travel in wonderful manner, you can take help of online travel guides. These sites are great in knowing itinerary of London. Plant a tour to London to know more about its enthrallment.

London Travel and Accommodation

Flying to London was the easy part. Now you’re there, standing outside of the airport, watching cars driving on the wrong (or right?) side of the road, trying to figure out how you’re going to be able to navigate this massive city. It’s all right, calm down. Here are some tips for making travel in and around the city on your London vacation a real piece of cake.

Flying to London was the easy part. Now you’re there, standing outside of the airport, watching cars driving on the wrong (or right?) side of the road, trying to figure out how you’re going to be able to navigate this massive city. It’s all right, calm down. Here are some tips for making travel in and around the city on your London vacation a real piece of cake.

Traveling London on the Tube is extremely efficient and quite easy to do. Get a hold of a London Underground map as soon as you arrive and begin familiarizing yourself with where you are staying and where you want to go. You’ll easily find that most places in London are accessible directly or are just a short walk away from a Tube station.

The Classic Black London Taxicab
These days you’ll see them in just about every color of the rainbow, but the vast majority of them still tend to be black. A ride in a classic-style London taxicab is a truly enjoyable experience and is something that every first-time visitor should enjoy.

Collectively referred to as “black cabs,” regardless of color, be aware they are not the cheapest way to get around the city. So, unless Daddy Warbucks is sponsoring your visit, it might be a good thing to try a cab once or twice, but not every time you need to get from point A to point B. Black cabs can be hailed as needed, or you can usually find a line of them waiting at one of the many cab stands in the city of London.

Travel London on a Double-Decker Bus
Even though 19th century British Prime Minister William Gladstone was referring to double-deck horse drawn omnibus carriages when he said, “The way to see London is from the top of a bus,” he definitely had a point. A double-decker is a great, inexpensive choice for short distance London travel, as taking the Tube often calls for more time.

Keep in mind that there are other types of buses and London tours as well, so no matter where you’re off to, there’s a great selection of London public transportation options that will get you there!

London Travel Tips – Popular London Tourist Attractions

London travel is exciting for tourists as there are many sites to see and things to do in this historical city. But if you plan on traveling to London, you better map out your destinations carefully as there is a lot to see. Whether you’re looking for nightlife, history, or gardens you are sure to find it in London.

London is home to 200 galleries, 300 museums and over 150 events that happen every day so they are sure to be enough to keep you busy on your London trip. You might visit the Tate Museum after breakfast, pop over to Kensington Palace for lunch, and check out the display of Crown jewels at the Tower of London after supper.

If you’re into history, then Westminster Abbey is sure to be at the top of your list. Here, not only will you find great architecture, but you’ll also be able to see where many of the famous people in history are interred. This working church which performs services for all denominations is the final resting place of many kings and poets as well as scientists including Henry III and Isaac Newton.

Don’t forget to include a visit to some of the many beautiful parks in your London travel itinerary. Regents, Hyde Park and St. James offer gorgeous trails and gardens in addition to outdoor activities such as soccer, model sail boating and tennis to name but a few. Also you want to pencil in a stop at the Japanese gardens at Holland Park and, of course, Kensington Gardens next to Kensington Palace.

Another garden you want to visit which really isn’t a garden at all is Covent Garden. Here you will find a wide array of shops and theaters along with entertaining street performers, pubs and restaurants. Covent Garden is home to the Royal Opera House along with great shopping and dining.

You also want to visit London’s famous outdoor markets such as Portobello Road where you can haggle over antiques just as they did centuries ago. Borough market has been a popular trading place for thousands of years and has the atmosphere of a Moroccan bazaar complete with interesting and unusual foods.

London’s West End, is home to many different pubs and restaurants where you can find anything to suit your palate and pocketbook. While you’re there, don’t forget to take in one of the many shows or performances which are said to rival those on Broadway.

No one would travel to London without visiting one of the museums and you’ll sure have plenty to choose from. From science museums to natural history museums, you be able to see personal items at the Victoria and Albert Museum and of course visit the world-famous British Museum. They’re interesting sites to see also in the museums that the Tower of London and Kensington Palace.

If you want to get a gander at some of the newer things in London check out the Tate modern where you can see the works of great 20th-century artists including Picasso and Matisse or visit the London Eye or you can take a glass gondola boat ride or ride on the world’s largest Ferris wheel.

No matter what your London travel itinerary entails, you’re sure to see plenty of interesting sites. Be sure to write down everything that you missed, so you can visit them the next time you travel to London!

London Travel Plans

Local Authorities now require that a Travel Plan (otherwise known as a Green Travel Plan) be submitted with a planning application for many types of development in order to ensure that the new business or facility actively looks at ways of minimising traffic impact.

This will usually aim to reduce single occupancy car journeys by staff travelling to work. In some cases a customer travel is also included within the document.

London Travel Plans required by Local Authorities within the Greater London Area must be written in accordance with Transport for London and the Mayor of London’s specific Travel Plan Guidance.

There are also a group of west London Boroughs who deal with Travel Planning together under an umbrella organisation called Westtrans and Travel Plans in those Boroughs are dealt with by Westtrans officers.

All London Boroughs are aiming for the same result’ to cut traffic and congestion within the city and reduce the need for parking by encouraging staff (and sometimes customers) to use public transport, walk or cycle. The art when writing a Travel Plan is to demonstrate you are helping to achieve these goals without committing your client to expensive measures both short and long term.

This requirement has been in place for a number of years now and the content and quality of Travel Plans, particularly in London, are now given much more scrutiny than in the past. Often within London, a developer is seeking to reduce parking on their site or in some cases provide no parking at all and in these situations a bespoke, practical and well written plan can be key to achieving planning permission.

The challenge in all cases is to balance the commercial demands of the business whilst formulating a robust and detailed plan which is frequently key to securing planning permission. For example I recently dealt with a new hotel with zero on-site parking. This meant that both staff and guest travel to the site needed to be actively addressed through a range of specific measures to discourage car travel.

In contrast I recently dealt with a hotel which had free on site parking. In this instance I had to devise a travel plan which demonstrated active steps to reduce the demand for those parking spaces over the initial period of 5 years.

Both sites were covered by the same overall London-wide policies but the individual site issues dictated that the plans were very different. In both instance I managed to reach a solution which met my client’s commercial needs and satisfied the Local Authorities’ requirements.

The different approach and requirements in each case demonstrates that a template is a misnomer. In my opinion the templates that are available are likely to result in clients being signed up to costly and impractical measures. In terms of cost, as the plans are monitored for at least 5 years, the management costs going forward can also be significant if not considered at an early stage.

In my experience travel plans prepared at the application stage are all too often a standardised document which is not fully considered, with the result that developers inadvertently agree to a range of measures in order to get planning approval. Those measures may be inappropriate, expensive to implement and difficult or costly to monitor.

The examples cited above demonstrate the importance of producing a plan which is specific to the site and to the end user, not least to prevent the added cost of having to re-writing the document. In both of these cases the original developer obtained agreement to a draft which, if implemented, would have resulted in significant costs for the end-user.

In order to meet the requirements of the client and to satisfy the Local Authorities it was necessary to re-write the documents in a way which delivered practical and value for money measures for my client but also satisfied the requirements of the Local Authorities. I like to think that my experience in this area helped to achieve a result which all were happy with.

Evans Jones offer more than 10 years experience of working with commercial developers to produce London travel plans which deliver economic, practical and easy to manage measures both now and in the future.

London Travel Information For Those on a Budget

I can only speak for myself, of course, but taking a trip across the Atlantic to see the sights of London is the ultimate in vacation bliss. Buckingham Palace, The Tower, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Albert and Victoria Hall, the changing of the guard, the theaters, the fish and chips!

Taking a London travel vacation brings you to a place wholly different from what we know in the United States. But the language is the same! What could be better?

And, to top it off, if you’re willing to put in just a bit of work, you will find some terrific London travel deals — even if your fingers never leave the computer keyboard.

Find Your London Travel Information Online

For example, just type in “London travel deals,” or “London travel information” into your favorite search engine and just look at all the wonderful London travel packages that will pop up. You will be like the kid in the proverbial candy store as you pick and choose from the affordable travel deals that are all vying for your reservation.

In fact, taking a company up on one of its London travel packages is probably the least expensive way for you to take in this wonderful capital city. These packages — where everything from the airfare, hotels, meals, transportation, even tips — are arranged for you and paid for in advance. Similar to buying groceries “in bulk,” the travel companies that sell these packaged London travel deals can purchase the airfare, hotel rooms and so on themselves all at the same time and then pass the savings along to you in an all-inclusive London travel package.

Some Tips for Finding London Travel Deals On Your Own

If you prefer to purchase your airfare, hotel and transportation on your own, here are some tips to help spend your London travel budget wisely.

  • It’s always a good idea to book your air reservations as far in advance as you can — you will usually find cheaper rates that way.
  • But if suddenly have the urge to take your family for a ride on the London Eye you can find some air deals just a few days before takeoff since some airlines lower their ticket prices as the day of departure nears — better to have seats filled at a lower fare than leave them empty.
  • If that urge to see London from high above the river Thames strikes you in the off-season — late fall through early spring — all the better for your pocketbook. Hotels, airlines and other businesses that make their living from those who wish to see the sights of London almost always lower their prices in the off-season. “Hmm,” says the bed and breakfast owner, “would I rather have the expense of having an empty room than have a lovely couple here at half price in February?” (I think we both know her answer.)
  • Remember the red-eye — flying late at night or even overnight will save you a bundle.

And when you arrive in London, head to a local pub and, hoist a pint or two for me!